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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Book annotation

Paris After dark - Paul Morand

This book allowed me to look into photographing the street at night. I had never really looked into this area before and it provided useful information and it gave me some inspiration to try this. It talked about why some photographers shy away from photographing at night and also what effects might come from it. 

Sign language as street art - John Baeder

Street Signs, it something we see every day and this book talks about street signs that Baeder has photographed on his travels around the USA. The book talks about the composition, brushwork, colours and the styles that are used in the signs. The photographs are also accompanied by text and captions. 
This book helped me to find new things to look at and also to photograph. 


This book proved to be useful when I was researching the work of diCorcia. The book provide a wide selction of work over many different areas from different photographers. 

Street Photography Now - Sophie Howarth and stephan Mclean, 

This book was my main source I used for my blog. It has a collection of 46 photographers who are famous for their skills in street photography. Some of the photographers that are included are Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr and Alex Webb

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